Newspaper Clipping: The New York Age, 15 November 1930

Here is the full article titled Redecorated Savoy to Open Thursday from The New York Age, 15 November 1930, p6.

The New York Age - Sat 15 Nov 1930
“The newly redecorated Savoy Ballroom, Lenox Avenue 140-141 streets, will be formally opened to the public on Thursday night, November 13. The work of redecorating covered a period of seven weeks and cost well over $50,000., stated Charles Buchanan, manager, under whose direction the entire work was executed. The new Savoy as it is to-day, presents an original modernistic decorative effect that is typically American. Upon entering you are immediately greeted by a gorgeous fountain spouting streams of color-tinged water against a background upon which is mounted a bronze hand carved statue of a water nymph.

The orchestra dias presents an alluring spectacle; the entire background possessing a blue-sky appearance with white capped clouds rolling and darting in and out. The walls and ceiling are vivid pictures of rare beauty. The wide expanse of floor is covered by carpet of modernistic pattern manufactured expressly for Savoy. A complete new dance floor of glistening white pine has been constructed. To eliminate tiring of dancer’s legs, a new, scientific, patented “sleeper system” has been placed beneath the floor to make it more resilient and easier to dance upon.

The lighting system is one of the high-spots in the redecorating program, incorporating the most modern devices and accessories obtainable. When completely lighted the Savoy is at the peak of its dazzling glory. Vari-colored bulbs and spotlights shoot beaming electric rays in every corner. When dimmed during waltzes, a mellowness and softness predominates, subdued spotlights playing over the shoulders of dancing couples.

Savoy has long been recognized as the pre-eminent ballroom of America and now it outdoes itself in giving the people of our community an entertainment centre where every member of the family may enjoy themselves. A place to be proud of, a place to boast of. It is truly one of the show places of Harlem.

The same entertainment policy will remain as heretofore. Two delightful orchestras playing at all times. Unexcelled food and soft drink service. The same capable management under the guiding hand of Charles Buchanan, who is responsible for the popularity of the Savoy. Harold Parker his assistant manager needs no introduction to pleasure-seekers.

Many new spectacular features will make their initial appearance at the Savoy during the season. A special preview showing of the Savoy will take place on Wednesday night, November 12, before an invited audience of notables.”