Newspaper Clipping: New York Amsterdam News, 19 September 1936

Here is the full article titled Savoy in New Togs: Brand New Dance Floor “Tops” from the New York Amsterdam News on Saturday 19th September 1936:

1936 New York Amsterdam News Saturday, September 19, 1936
“The Savoy was jumping last Saturday night at the grand opening of the “Home of Happy Feet.” The ballroom in new full dress was a revelation. Swinging couples danced with satisfaction to the management’s new improvements.

The famous dance hall has copper walls, new rugs, a grand terrace which surrounds the windowed side of the ballroom and indirect lighting. The prize in Manager Charles Buchanan’s estimation is the brand new dance floor, and intriguing furnishings which carried the owners into thousands of dollars.

The Savoy continues its to band feature. On Tuesday night the Lindy Hop Club competes for prizes. This group has produced some leading theatrical attractions. Some of the dancers have made European tours. This year the club will be represented by three teams in the new Cotton Club Revue. Monday night ladies are guests of the Savoy free.”