1929 Johnson’s Happy Pals

1929 - Johnsons Happy Pals. Source: Richmond Jazz Society

Roy Johnson’s Happy Pals Orchestra at the Savoy Ballroom in New York in 1929.

Left to right: Harold “Pops” Griffin (clarinet/sax), Emmitt “Lic” Johnson (clarinet/sax), Nathaniel “Buster” McPherson (clarinet/sax), Roy F. Johnson (drums, leader), Edward “Pickles” Humes (trumpet), Leroy “Fess” Wyche (piano), Percy Trent (trumpet), Fleming “Beans” Edwards (trombone), William “Mama” Allen (bass, tuba), Edward “Skinny” Trent (banjo).

The band is standing on the original Savoy Ballroom bandstand as I believe it appeared from the ballroom’s opening in 1926 to the first renovation in late 1930.

Source: Richmond Jazz Society

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